BIA GLOBAL has been established in 2009. The Company has successfully ventured into the areas of Housing & Real Estate, and Hospitality, to name and the success it has achieved in each speaks about the technical, managerial, financial competence and the quality of employees it possesses. BIA has never left the society out of focus, to which it belongs. It has shouldered the responsibility to improve Housing standards for the members in the society.

 The company has come a long way and holds a portfolio of 22 Commercial and Residential Projects which have been completed successfully according to the requirements of its clients. These projects include Government projects in India. Our projects are distinguished by their quality. The company believes in customer satisfaction and the needs of the customers. BIA has a professional staff which aims at development for its customers and endeavors to build itself into a professional real estate developer with international standards.

 BIA has opened 4 new companies in 2009 with branches in UK, India & China

  • BIA Infrastructure
  • BIA Leathers
  • BIA Realtors

  • BIA Import/Export

 Equal attention has been paid on our projects as well on our trade, so that the company builds trust and provide quality service with modern and latest amenities to its clients. The company has aims to expand business globally in Spain & France. All our projects are completed with a view to create a healthy and clean family atmosphere for our clients. The company has always enjoyed a great amount of trust and loyalty form its patrons and believes in developing a lasting relationship, whether it be a customer, joint venture, partner or an employee. 

Core Values
 Integrity, teamwork, safety, quality, continuous improvement, client satisfaction, value-added service and on-time completion of projects within the budget.


  • Fostering a culture of continuous learning and growth. 
  • Maintaining a stringent and meticulous focus on quality. 
  • Building enduring, trust-based relationships with our clients. 
  • Generating surpluses by running a profitable business.