BIA Global is into the business of import and export of various products.

  • We import high quality American Designer Shoes and Bags from China
  • We are into the import and export of diamonds in India, China, UK and Poland.

 We are open from orders from all over the world. Our primary mission is the import and marketing of various products from around the world. Reliable people make a reliable company, and reliable company make reliable products. We, at BIA Global, make all our efforts to import quality products which satisfies our customers with the trust and reliability.

 We build the work environment enjoyable for our employees which results in better productivity. We aim to manage our company with the sense of responsibility and aim for a transparent management structure. Our Company considers customer interest more important than the profit gained by it and we work hard to produce a healthy corporate culture. 

 Our Company is committed to bring enrichment, joy and satisfaction to our customers by importing reliable products and providing a better business experience for our customers.